Virginia Unemployment Insurance

Workers whose job has been affected by Coronavirus closures qualify for unemployment. Apply online, below, or contact the Customer Center by calling 1-866-832-2363 Monday through Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Pandemic Preparedness: COVID-19


Bold Actions We're Taking

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Community Storehouse is temporarily suspending some guidelines associated with the food services we provide to residents of Southside and are scheduling special distribution events to meet the need in MHC.  

Under normal conditions, we pride ourselves in our casework approach to the issues of individual food insecurity, requiring that able-bodied adults work or actively seek employment, as a for instance.  However, being a stopgap agency, we feel it is paramount we step up to meet the challenges the coronavirus has already presented locally to displaced workers and individuals who lack the resources to acquire basic needs in uncharted territory. And stand ready to meet whatever is to come.   

We will continue to reinvent the way we help as the global and national projections hit home in MHC.  

Why We Need Your Help

Our Food Rescue Program ( usually salvages an average of thirty thousand pounds of food per month.  During the ‘run on the grocers’ that program has ground to a halt.  

Our Backpack Program ( has been affected by the longterm school closures.  We are working to coordinate with schools to get bags out to the families who depend on them, but this will likely be an expensive change to an already expensive initiative.  

Our Thrift Store ( is the biggest funder of the social services we provide.  It has been temporarily closed to assist in flattening the curve of the virus’ impact.  And because 98% of those who help keep our store stocked are over the impacted demographic of 65+ people.  * Right now we have agency employees signing up for unemployment insurance. *

How You Can Help

PLEASE contribute to our COVID-19 RESPONSE FUND here: or send your support to Community Storehouse 4201 Greensboro Rd., Ridgeway, Virginia 24148.