Food Rescue Program


About Our Program

Every year in the U.S. nearly 100 billion pounds of food available for human consumption is thrown away. To prevent this massive waste and to feed people in need, food banks and charities across the country have implemented food rescue programs that deliver prepared and soon-to-be expired food directly to nonprofits with feeding programs. Through the program Community Storehouse collects food from grocers, restaurants, convenience stores, and vendors who have excess perishable food and distribute the food to individuals and families in need, locally in Martinsville and Henry County.


What We Accept

- Dry goods  

- Bread/bakery items 

- Meat  

- Deli and dairy items  

- Produce 

- Water / beverages

- Dented cans 

- Prepared perishable foods  

- Bulk food items  

- Anything suitable for human consumption,  including most past-date items; ‘best by’ dates are not expiration dates!


Information for Donors

- Any size grocer, restaurant or food vendor can participate in the program.  

- There are no restrictions governing the frequency of donations. A food donor may donate food once or on an ongoing basis.  

- There are no transportation requirements for the donor. We are happy to pick up food donations.  We’ll even pick up every day!   

- As the donor, you will be asked to sign an agreement, supplied by the Storehouse, stating your intentions to donate food that has been stored and distributed following proper food safety guidelines.   

- As the donor, you will receive a monthly report of poundage for tax deduction purposes.  Many donations of product are eligible for an enhanced tax deduction under IRS 170(C)(3).

You’re protected 

The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Donations Act is a federal law ensuring that donors are protected from any civil and criminal liability, as long as the product is donated in good faith. In addition, our distribution center is ServSafe compliant, ensuring that your donation will be handled safely. We encourage businesses to donate food and grocery products worry-free.


Keep Us Rolling


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Help us top off the tank to keep our fleet rolling to rescue food in the area. 

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