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To enroll your school download the handbook, available below.  Schools must submit an application to participate after reviewing the handbook's requirements.

After gaining approval of your application, be sure to promote the program's purpose and clear instructions on how to refer a child, preferably during a faculty meeting.  


Who will be your Site Coordinator?

The Site Coordinator serves four main functions in the school: 

1. Serves as a liaison for staff, students, parents, and backpack program 

2. Maintains documentation (student referral and parent permission records) 

3. Confidentially distributes backpacks of food to approved children 

4. Implements the backpack program and ensure compliance with all food safety standards


Counselors can work with teachers.

A great example: 

At one of our schools, the teachers ask the students to put their heads down and close their eyes. The teacher proceeds to ask questions such as, did you eat this morning, did you eat last night, do you have socks, do you have shoes, etc. With each question, the children raise their hand if the answer is a yes. The teacher records who raises their hand for which question and turns this into the counselor so they can reach out to those students with resources.  


School enrollment to participate in the Food for Kids program is now open.  Please download and review this year’s program handbook.  You may submit the application, either by email to  or by mail to 4201 Greensboro Rd., Ridgeway, VA 24148.


Handbook (pdf)


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Parent Permission (pdf)


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